Whether you are a first time mother or a fourth time mother, birth is different every time.  
This is your birth.  It isn’t mine, or your doctors. It is a sacred time for a new beginning and I recognize that you are choosing me to witness this magic moment with you, and I appreciate it. My ultimate goal is to assist you in having the birth experience that YOU want. That starts with educating you on options, alternatives and your rights.  Unforeseen things can come up during labor and I will educate you on how to handle these concerns while still maintaining control of your experience as much as possible.

My main tool in birth is my hands.  I use a lot of massage to help with comfort.  A rebozo, birth balls and positional changes are my go-to tools as well as I pull from my extensive educational trainings.

Your partner can be as active as you would like him to be.  Whether you want him to watch and absorb the magnitude of your power, or to participate and assist you with comfort measures, it is up to you.

I like to meet with my families two to three times before labor.  We will discuss your desires, any fears and I use this time to give suggestions on how to achieve your goals.
During labor I like to arrive when I can be an active participant in the process.  I will stay with you for the duration of labor and birth and for approximately two hours after birth to assist with bonding and nursing.  We will have a minimum of one postpartum visit where we will celebrate your journey and will discuss any concerns with your precious baby.